Feature of RPC Starter Battery

  • Excellent Saftey Performance: Using Li-Fe cells. No fire, no explosion after a destructive testing.
  • Environmental-Friendly: Pollution-Free.
  • Ultra-light in Weight: 1/4 weight lighter than SLA battery.
  • Long Cycle Life: Operation can be 7 to 9 years.
  • Charge Fast: Charging time will be around 0.5~1 hous.
  • Low Self-discharge: still can be worked in 2~3 years if storage separately.
  • Excellent Performance of High & Low Temertature: Operating temperature Will be during -20℃~70℃.
  • High discharge rate: can be 3500W/kg, 10 times better than SLA battery.
※Remark: All of the above characteristics must be used in accordance with RPC's specifications.
Parameters of Starter Battery
Series Model Dimension
Rating Weight(g) Applications
EN2 EN2-2500 114*61*90 12.8V  2.5AH 540±25 Motorcycle less than 150CC
EL3S EL3S-3000 114*70*85 12.8V  3.0AH 660±30 Motorcycle 250CC
EL3 EL3-3000 114*70*90 12.8V  3.0AH 660±30 Motorcycle 250CC
EL3 EL3-4500 114*70*90 12.8V  4.5AH 800±40 Motorcycle 310CC
EL1 EL1-6000 149*67*106 12.8V  6.0AH 1025±50 Motorcycle 400CC
EL1 EL1-7000 149*67*106 12.8V  7.0AH 1200±60 Motorcycle 500CC
EN3S EN3S-3000 114*70*85 12.8V  3.0AH 660±30 Video Camera
EN3 EN3-3000 114*70*90 12.8V  3.0AH 660±30 Video Camera
EN3 EN3-4500 114*70*90 12.8V  4.5AH 800±40 Video Camera
EN1 EN1-6000 149*67*106 12.8V  6.0AH 1130±60 Video Camera
EN1 EN1-7000 149*67*106 12.8V  7.0AH 1200±60 Video Camera
Long Cycle Life
Low capacity reduced after 6900 cycles,
the average voltage is still over 11.5V
High Power Density
As Same capacity, 1/3 volume and 1/4 weight
of SLA Battery.
Good Temperature Performance
Excellent Discharge Performance under -20℃
High Discharge Rate
Peak current can be reached to 3500W/kg